People who have seen the results

Our students have made incredible progress through hard work and dedication. Read about their online training experiences and learn how you can get involved!


“Jean-Luc has an incredible ability to pinpoint exactly where you need help in your handstands and adjust the training to target those needs. The video tutorials he sends you are detailed, creative, and clear, and the drills are challenging at exactly the pace you need. I highly recommend the online handstand training to anyone that doesn’t mind putting in the work.”


"SDCC is the third circus gym I’ve trained at and by far my favorite. Jean-Luc knows more about handstands than anyone I’ve ever met, and analyzes every students handstands regularly to give them the specific drills to improve it. I improved more than I expected during my time in San Diego, and continue to improve with Jean-Luc’s online coaching. It is amazing how much he can help remotely, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in handstands."


“Aloha, I have been training hand balancing with Jean-Luc Martin via the internet for 2 months. My training with Jean-Luc has been nothing short of astounding. His attention to detail and ability to deliver the information needed to improve your practice is the best I have experienced. Jean-Luc has always given me prompt answers to questions I have and is very thorough with what needs to be corrected via our FaceTime reviews of the weeks workout. I highly recommend training with Jean-Luc if you are interested in taking your practice to the highest level possible.”


"I am super excited to be working with Jean-Luc with his online training program. He has been extremely helpful in my handstand journey. His enthusiasm and dedication to the training is extremely motivational. I have been doing gymnastics my whole life and have struggled with static handstands. Thanks to Jean-Luc I am finally able to find my line more consistently, experiment with new shapes, and shift my weight into one hand!"


"Jean-Luc is a phenomenal coach who truly understands the trial and tribunes associated with learning how to hand balance. In my experience with him through online and in-person coaching, I have seen that he tailors each individual’s program to iron out their weak points. He has helped better the practice of people from all different types of backgrounds, making his services suitable for anyone with a strong work ethic. What Jean-Luc will do for you is provide the proper progressions and guidance to achieve your goals whether they be gaining comfort on two hands or exploring advanced elements such as press handstands and one-armed work. Of course, much of your development relies on self-exploration and endless hours of effort, but working with an experienced teacher expedites the learning process. Teaching for so many years has given Jean-Luc insight into what works and what doesn’t work for different people, making him very good at locating what is necessary for improvement.

Online coaching is a suitable option for the motivated who want drills to work on; however, I’d highly stress stopping by the San Diego Circus Center to train in-person. Nothing compensates for working with partners, as they provide spotting and advice on form. Online coaching will allow anyone to improve, but it can be frustrating during the more difficult drills that have a low success rate without spotting. During my time with Jean-Luc in online coaching, I was constantly provided videos demonstrating drills to work on with detailed narratives describing form and what I should be focusing on. Jean-Luc always made sure to explain his reasoning and theory behind every drill, letting me know why I was working on the often-frustrating drills. We corresponded weekly through skype where we discussed the previous and next weeks’ programs, and he requested that I send many videos of the different exercises I worked on for him to critique my form.

Jean- Luc helped me learn to hold a freestanding handstand for over one minute consistently, find control in various inverted positions, and start the initial work towards a one-arm handstand. I highly recommend his services to anyone with the motivation to better their handstand practice."


"I made the best investment in my handstand practice when I enlisted Jean-Luc's coaching support. He knows exactly where I need improvement, whether it is flexibility, strength, balance, or a combination thereof, and hand-picks the most effective drills. This allows me to I focus on my training and marvel at my progress week to week as if there is some magic at work.

I begin each week thinking he must have overestimated my abilities in the skill set required to complete the training program. By the end of the week I see the method to the madness as I overcome challenges and realize that my potential exceeds my perceived limits. Jean-Luc shows me what is possible and how to achieve it. I am excited to see where this training relationship takes me in the months ahead."


“Thanks for rocking my world with your handstand training. It’s badass. And I love all the inspiration from other trainees you have on your account!”

UPDATE: "After 3 months of training handstands through Jean-Luc's online program, I feel stronger than ever in my handstand practice... by a lot. Not only did he help me move towards the goals I set for myself, but by following the program he created and continually updated for me based on my progress, I learned more about being upside down on my hands than I ever imagined. These past 3 months have taught me about mental and physical strength and flexibility, proprioception, and they have invigorated my desire to keep training handstands more than ever. I am so grateful for Jean-Luc's program, which allowed my acro partner and me to take our personal and joint practices to the next level while traveling full time, and to learn and grow within ourselves exponentially while doing so."