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Jean-Luc Martin

Founder and Coach

"Teaching circus skills involves developing the correct system of training for each individual or group. I have been very fortunate to have learned the technical skill of disciplines from masters in the circus industry. I am patient but expect my students to challenge themselves as I help guide them to reach their goals!"



“Jean-Luc has an incredible ability to pinpoint exactly where you need help in your handstands and adjust the training to target those needs. The video tutorials he sends you are detailed, creative, and clear, and the drills are challenging at exactly the pace you need. I highly recommend the online handstand training to anyone that doesn’t mind putting in the work.”

Serena Tang

"Jean-Luc knows more about handstands than anyone I’ve ever met, and analyzes every students handstands regularly to give them the specific drills to improve it. I improved more than I expected during my time in San Diego, and continue to improve with Jean-Luc’s online coaching. It is amazing how much he can help remotely, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in handstands."

Maya McAuliffe

“Aloha, I have been training hand balancing with Jean-Luc Martin via the internet for 2 months. My training with Jean-Luc has been nothing short of astounding. His attention to detail and ability to deliver the information needed to improve your practice is the best I have experienced. Jean-Luc has always given me prompt answers to questions I have and is very thorough with what needs to be corrected via our FaceTime reviews of the weeks workout. I highly recommend training with Jean-Luc if you are interested in taking your practice to the highest level possible.”

Doug Meehan

"I am super excited to be working with Jean-Luc with his online training program. He has been extremely helpful in my handstand journey. His enthusiasm and dedication to the training is extremely motivational. I have been doing gymnastics my whole life and have struggled with static handstands. Thanks to Jean-Luc I am finally able to find my line more consistently, experiment with new shapes, and shift my weight into one hand!"

Ryane Duffey